Lankhmar: Savage Swords and Sorcery

House of Mazes

Swords and Adventures

Day of the Squirrel, in the Month of the Murderer’s Moon, in the Year of the Behemoth


Count Maluf had stolen the crown of the Master Thief Khmapha from the Thieves’ Guild and secreted it in his House of Mazes in the Nobles’ Quarter.

Count Maluf issued a challenge to anyone brave enough to challenge his maze and retrieve the crown.


The three heroes overhear two thieves talking in the Silver Eel about a challenge set forth by Count Mulaf who turned his mansion in the noble district into a maze in which to challenge thieves intro retrieving a golden mask he hid in the maze.

The heroes find themselves with only half of the money they had, so were desperate to find the golden mask which was rumored to be valued at 2000 gold rilks!

The heroes reach the mansion at nightfall and encounter three thieves from the Thieves’ Guild who told them to leave.

The three persuaded the thieves to let them enter or face an attack.

Frisk had cast a Darksight spell on everyone so they can see for an hour.

After entering the maze, the three thieves they met outside decided to enter and attack. One had a lantern, Frisk destroyed during an attack. One thief was rendered unconscious. The other two left, but not before Calvin told them to drop their weapons and pursestrings.

They searched the unconscious thief, took his pursestrings (found 36 bronze coins in all) then dragged him outside.

They found a note nearby, but left it alone.

They spotted two large spiders on the ceiling down one corridor. They decided to try passing through an area with its floor littered by hundreds of skeletal remains.

Before that area, Frisk spotted several holes along one wall. The holes were pointing down the hallway in front of where the parchment was spiked into the wall.

Calvin moved some of the bones with his blade. Suddenly, ten skeletons formed and fought them. The skeletons looked to be remains of those who may have entered the maze in years past.

All three destroyed all ten skeletons and proceeded deeper into Mulaf’s House of Mazes.


Calvin Storm





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