Lankhmar: Savage Swords and Sorcery

The Tower of the Eye

Lankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves' Guild

Day of the Rat, in the Month of the Murderer’s Moon, in the Year of the Behemoth


When a band of charlatans came upon a mysterious glowing crystal orb, they declared it the “Eye of the Universe” and set up a temple for its worship in an old stone tower on the cheap end of the Street of the Gods.

The glow faded, but the temple’s reputation grew as the charlatans worked miracles and spoke of mysterious visions the Eye had showed them.

The miracles were fake, but the visions were real. The skull-sized orb was from another world, and could communicate telepathically with those who touched it.

Now the Church of the Eye has come to the attention of a hooded wizard with an interest in other worlds, who wanted to study the crystal orb.

To this end, he hired the services of the Thieves’ Guild who have agreed to acquire the orb on his behalf.

Karm, a liaison from the Thieves’ Guild, approached Calvin Storm, Frisk, and Quilph with an opportunity to make an easy hundred silver smerduks by stealing the Eye of the Universe.

The Guild had an inside man posing as a priest of the Church of the Eye, with orders to leave the tower skylights unlocked at night. All the heroes had to do was sneak in through the roof and bring the Eye back to the Thieves’ House.


Calvin Storm





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